Meeting Measurement-Based Care Implementation Challenges for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Providers

The Owl is a measurement-based care (MBC) cloud solution that enables clinicians to easily screen, track, and measure outcomes for a wide range of behavioral health disorders. The Owl overcomes barriers to MBC implementation, including the unique challenges faced by clinicians working with youth.
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Measurement-Based Care (MBC) is recognized as a best practice across the behavioral healthcare sector due to its proven ability to increase the efficacy and efficiency of care.1


However, despite the proven benefits of MBC, many providers face implementation barriers such as: 

  • EMR integration challenges and complex clinical workflows
  • Low levels of patient engagement 
  • Difficulty meeting the new Joint Commission Measurement-Based Care standard 

Other challenges specific to child and adolescent behavioral health include: 

  • Involving parents, guardians, and teachers the treatment of young patients
  • Encouraging the involvement of young patients in their own care 
  • Accessing patient-reported outcome measures (PROMS) tailored to children and adolescents
  • Ensuring compliance with myriad state laws and regulations governing teen privacy

1. Lambert et al., 2009; Lambert et al.,2003; Guo et al., 2015; Bickman et al., 2011, Lambert & Shimokawa, 2011; 2 Ranney, 2017 

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Learn more about how two child and adolescent behavioral health providers have implemented the Owl in order to address their MBC challenges:

OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital (Oregon Health and Science University),
and Inova Kellar Center (Inova Health System).